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EARTH05 ft Franc Moody / Say She She
Franc Moody / Say She She
Catalogue Number
Release Date
1 September 2023
  • Vinyl 12”


    Limited Edition Bioplastic Evovinyl

    • + WAV / FLAC

    For every record sold, a minimum of £15.70 goes to EarthPercent’s grant giving programme, after deducting only third-party platform fees, production costs and applicable taxes from the purchase price. No EarthPercent charity operating costs are deducted.

EarthPercent is a charity unleashing the power of music in service of the planet. We're inviting you to help us and get your hands on some incredible and limited edition vinyl that doesn't hurt the planet as much!

For EarthPercent x Earth Day 2023 we brought together some of the biggest names in music to raise funds we can give to climate and environmental organisations who need it. This includes a 3 part series on double-sided Evovinyl; a special new form of bioplastic vinyl that marks a huge step towards reducing the toxic plastic used in music manufacturing.

The records have now been pressed, re-using waste materials that reduces the carbon footprint even further, and will start shipping to customers from 6th September 2023.

About Evovinyl™

Unlike traditional records which are pressed on polyvinyl chloride, this 12" has been pressed on bioplastic (a plant-based, high performing natural polymer) developed by Evolution Music, which seeks to make the music industry more sustainable. Last year we partnered with them to release the world's first commercially available bioplastic vinyl, and we're excited to do this again for Earth Day 2023.

As a result of this being one of the first of its kind a small number of the records may contain minimal lead in/surface noise. This is unavoidable at this stage, as Evolution Music continues to develop the best and most effective mixes for these revolutionary pressings. Thank you for supporting what is still a process of development to get all aspects as efficient and sustainable as we can and for helping raise funds for climate solutions and organisations on the frontline.

The labels on these records are numbered - if your product gets lost or damaged in transit, sadly we cannot replace it like for like. If you require a replacement you will receive a limited edition promotional copy or a refund.

Ten of each, including the first off the press, are being held for a charity raffle later in the year.

About EarthPercent

EarthPercent is a charity co-founded by Brian Eno that raises money from the music industry to fund the most impactful climate organisations. Charity number 1188391. Read more about our Grant Giving at

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Track List


SIDE A Franc Moody - Move Me

SIDE AA Say She She - Reeling

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